🌶 Green Curry


Choice of meats in green curry and coconut milk with bamboo shoot, long bean, bell pepper and Thai basil

🌶 Red Curry


Choice of meat in red curry and coconut milk with pea, carrot, bell pepper and basil

🌶 Yellow Curry


Choice of meats in yellow curry based soup with carrot and potatoes

🌶 Roasted Duck Curry


roasted duck on spicy and red curry based soup with tomato, bell pepper, green and red pepper, pineapple and basil

🌶 Pad Kra Prow


Choice of meats with green and red bell pepper, onion, chili and basil

🌶 Prik Khing


Choice of meats with chili paste, green bean, green and red bell peppers and basil

Garlic Pepper


Choice of meats with garlic and pepper over a bed of cabbage

🌶 Cashew Nut


Chicken with onion, dried chili, green and red bell pepper and cashew nut

🌶 Broccoli with Dried Chili


Choice of meats and broccoli sautéed with garlic and dried chili

Mixed Vegetables


Choice of meats with mixed vegetables stirred fired with house sauce

🌶 Pla Rad Prik


Deep fried fish fillet with special house sauce mixed with green and red bell peppers, topped with crispy basil served with steamed green bean

Crispy Roasted Duck


Crispy fried duck with plum sauce sided with steamed egg noodle and spinach

  • chef recommended

🌶 Hell’s Chicken


Chicken, pan fried with Thai herb in spicy house sauce.

Orange Chicken


Battered chicken tossed in a delicious orange sauce over the bed of cabbage

  • chef recommended

Gold Mine


Kobocho squash with choice of protein, garlic, bell peppers, chili, Thai basil, and a sauce.

Chicken Massaman Curry


Massaman curry with chicken in coconut milk with potatoes, peanut.